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AK Photos

In 2008 we invited the community our firneds and families and collabortoes of aNYthing and the streets of NYC, we asked Akira Ruiz a long time friend to shoot the portaits of the gang. We foiunf them erecently and wanted to share. Peep.

Wade Oats & Kripsy Kier Wade worked at the store and co created the virgins, Kriopsy Kier was form the block grew up aroind the scene from early on. they used to sneal into the parties underage

Alex Corporan – the OG Skater from the hights, He grww up bombin the hills at inwood and made his way downtoiwn to run supreme and a few movments

Thressasfour & Agathe Snow,

Dave Meats

Mike Malbon & Steve Malbon

Harold Hunter & Aaron Bondaroff

Harold Hunter

IRAK crew – Agathe, Semz, Earsnot, Glace, KSer

Livingroom Johnson

Malachi, Kiernen, Taiowa Costello

Kenji Fanta

Kunle Martins

Married to the MobJackie, Leah,

Manon von Gerkan

Mike Saes & Bill Spector

Rick, Nemo & Fulano Librizzi

Nemo Librizzi

Peter Bici

Ricky Powell

Rob Jest

Rockers NYCSean Reveron & Marcus

Roxy Cottontail

Rub n TugThomas Bullock & Eric Duncan

Ruslan Karablin

Sammy Da Jew, SSUR, AK, Freeze & J$