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In 2005, we invited the community our friends, families, and collaborators of aNYthing in the streets of NYC. We asked Akira Ruiz, a long time friend, to shoot the portraits of the gang. We found them recently on the glob and wanted to share. Peep.

Wade Oats & Kripsy Kier

Alex Corporan

Thressasfour & Agathe Snow

Dave Meats

Mike Malbon & Steve Malbon

Harold Hunter & Aaron Bondaroff

Harold Hunter

IRAK crew – Agathe, Semz, Earsnot, Glace, KSer

Livingroom Johnson

Malachi, Kiernen, Taiowa Costello

Kenji Fanta

Kunle Martins

Married to the MobJackie, Leah

Manon von Gerkan

Mike Saes & Bill Spector

Rick, Nemo & Fulano Librizzi

Nemo Librizzi

Peter Bici

Ricky Powell

Rob Jest

Rockers NYCSean Reveron & Marcus

Roxy Cottontail

Rub n TugThomas Bullock & Eric Duncan

Ruslan Karablin

Sammy Da Jew, SSUR, AK, Freeze & J$