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Disciplined, Focused, Sacrifice, Work Ethic. The willingness to put comfort and ease aside to achieve a goal..

aNYthing is honoring the youth athletes of New York City who represent and embody this way of life. Young athletes dream of playing professional sports. A step along that journey is playing in college. Its a rigorous and often stressful process to achieve that goal. Hours and days and years of practicing, training, and playing. Thousands of kids throughout the city grind day in and out on fields and workout facilities. It is not glamorous and is often unrecognized for those who are not familiar with this culture.

Here are our first group of athletes who have achieved their goals of furthering their playing careers by playing in college. They have been Committed. They serve as models and positive examples for younger athletes within the city. Showing what hard work and discipline can achieve. To be able to play on a bigger stage, get an education, and see other aspects of the world.

Committed T-Shirt

Committed T-Shirt